venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

What we really work for

Sometimes we stop and think about the real reasons that lead us to do what we do. Job is an important part of our life and, for sure, making a living is the main reason why we work. But personally, there is another reason that made me decide to design and produce audio equipment to make mi living: the desire to make peole happy when using my equiment. I've recently received an e-mail by a Joplin user that made me really happy, as gave me, for once, the confirmation that, at least with one customer, the main goal in my job was reached. Below you can read it (I've omitted the name of this kind person for privacy reasons):

"I wanted to write to you and thank you for building the Joplin.  I am the proud owner of serial number JO-0011.
Pardon my writing to you in English, but I only speak Italian, but cannot read or write the language.
I researched many ADC's before buying the Joplin (some more expensive, some less).
I ultimately purchased the Joplin because of it's elegant design, the YouTube video from your founder, and the unit's ability to handle such a wide variety of equalization curves.
Since receiving the unit, I have been delighted with every aspect of the marvelous device. 
I've had many pleasant surprises so far:
First the user manual - it is clear and extremely well written.  In fact, it is much better than many user manuals for products manufactured in America!
Next was finding that you have provided the Audacity source updates to allow me to take advantage of 384kHz conversion.  I was able to download and build Audacity and it works beatuifully with the Joplin.
Finally, the fact that all the digital outputs are active at the same time.  This enables me to simultaneoulsy feed a 192kHz signal via USB to my computer and to monitor the output via a DAC.  No recabling or re-configuration required!
My one wish is that there was an ability to flag when clipping has occured during a recording session.  If I start a Vinyl copy, I must watch the Joplin constantly to ensure there is no clipping.  It would be much easier if I could indicate that I was starting a copy and have the Joplin light an indicator (and keep it lit until the user resets it) to indicate that clipping has occured.
I do not often write to companaies that build my products, but the Joplin is so good I felt compelled to write to you (and I sense that you may not hear back from too many customers).
I live in the United States near Xxxxxxx.  If you have any prospective customers in the area who would like to see the unit in person, please feel free to pass them my contact information.
grazie mille"

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